Safety and Security

Team leader: Török Árpád, PhD

The main professional and research areas

Our research group’s activities cover the whole field of automotive safety and we have traditionally maintained good relations with the Hungarian automotive ecosystem (in particular with the most important TIER1 market players). Thanks to the cooperation with the domestic automotive industry, our research group has access to cutting-edge solutions and methods applied and developed in the field of automotive cybersecurity. In our research, we pay particular attention to the synergies and interactions between automotive cybersecurity and reliability. Accordingly, we focus our research resources on the development of integrated design and analysis methodologies that take into account the requirements of both the safety and cyber-safety domains. In addition, our team has outstanding competences in accident reconstruction and forensic expertise. In this area, we work on the development of methods for the assessment of accidents involving highly automated vehicles (including accident reconstruction methods, the most relevant conflict types and liability issues).

Key industrial partnerships, most significant projects

During the MASPOV project, we developed methods, tools and know-how to assess the safety characteristics of vehicles in collaboration with Ukatemi Technologies. This included the identification of test methods and tools that can be used to assess the cyber security of vehicles and the development of new security assessment methods and tools.

We collaborated with Microsec on the adaptation of public key infrastructure-based authentication solutions for automotive systems. As a result, we defined the process for the domestic deployment of the standard automotive wireless communication device under investigation and illustrated the applicability of the method through the demonstration of a test scenario.

Key results that are also of industrial use

    The patenting process for an integrated testing methodology for vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communication for vehicle safety and cyber security is underway. Industrial exploitation is underway.

    The technical expertise of our research team is constantly requested by the industry, especially with regard to vehicle breakdowns and accidents that cause significant damage.

    The research team’s relations with students

    We continuously involve BSc and MSc students in our research. In this way, we give young talent the opportunity to find a specialism that matches their interests. We also support the selection and recruitment of talented students by organising the Safety First! competition, which gives students the opportunity to learn about and deal with tasks and problems outside the framework of organised education, which can be useful in their future careers.