Our research activities

The professional activities of the Department of Automotive Technologies are organised into five research groups, which are also responsible for education.

The vehicle-related areas are covered by the Innovative Vehicle Technologies research group. The focus of education has shifted strongly towards electromobility, hydrogen powertrain and renewable energies.

Our Safety and Security research group has a long tradition in the field of traffic accident analysis and reconstruction. Today, we no longer separate safety and security, but treat them as one. We say that a failure can result in a cyber security problem, but equally a cyber security vulnerability can result in a safety problem or failure.

The Laser and Vehicle Manufacturing Technologies research group focuses on materials science and manufacturing technologies used in automotive manufacturing. In the field of additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing, we are mainly working with metals and the related selective laser melting process, which has been one of the outstanding activities of the department for many years.

Our Automated Vehicles research group is working on autonomous vehicle control. This is a very broad discipline, so we specialise in two directions.

One is driving at or beyond the dynamic limit, one of the most striking examples of which is drifting in a car that is not driven by a human.

The other specialisation is related to intelligent road infrastructure. We believe that safe autonomous transport of the future will not only mean smart, intelligent cars driving autonomously, but also smart, intelligent infrastructure. And these smart devices will work together, resulting in safe and efficient automated transport.

Our department has a large fleet of instruments and tools for research and teaching activities, which are described in detail here.

We collaborate with a number of industrial partners in our research activities, which are presented here.