Welcome to the department of Automotive Technologies

Meeting the challenges of the higher education in the XXI. century is our mission. To this end, the focus of our formal education has shifted toward mentoring and problem solving. Our goal is to train professionally excellent engineers and valuable people for the automotive industry, based on knowledge, expertise and cutting-edge research. Our core values are ethics, professional excellence, commitment and collaboration. The content of our trainings is determined together with our key industry partners, based on their competence needs. We believe that our “product” is a well-trained engineer who integrates seamlessly into the development process of companies.

We want to take advantage of our opportunities and capabilities (eg the ZalaZONE automotive test track) to offer unique value and by 2025 become an internationally recognized, exemplary automotive department at the forefront of European education and research.

Zsolt SZALAY, PhD.
Head of Department