Laser and additive technologies

Team leadert: Tamás Markovits, PhD

The main professional and research areas

The research group carries out research and participates in various projects in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies used in the automotive industry, such as laser material processing (surface treatments, bonding technologies, cutting …) and laser metal printing (SLM). The main focus of the tasks is on the exploration of technological correlations and their application to process development. The knowledge base accumulated over the years is also used in the education and training of academic and industrial partners.

Key industrial partnerships, most significant projects

Efficiency-enhanced and smart manufacturing technologies (TKP):

In the framework of the university’s excellence programme, the research group has determined the impact of 3D printing preparation operations (orientation, support, process simulation) and different metal powder materials (steel, titanium) on the printability and properties of the finished model in relation to laser beam metal powder additive manufacturing. Partner.

Investigating the characteristics of laser surface treatment:

Developing a new generation of manufacturing processes for customised biomedical implants and assistive devices using additive technologies. A consortium of Varinex Zrt. and BME has developed a prototype system for the production of customized implants and related devices using advanced additive manufacturing processes for metals and polymers. The sample system, developed in collaboration with BME co-investigators, ranges from X-ray and CT scans to approved printed models. The department has carried out the main research in the field of metal 3D printing. Partner.

Creating a multi-purpose, fixed-wing drone based on innovative and novel solutions and the competences to develop it:

In the framework of the project, the research team developed an intelligent, fixed-wing, unmanned aircraft and the associated competence. Partner: MouldTech Systems Kft.

Key results that are also of industrial use

      The results achieved by the research team will help to enhance the competences and capabilities of our industrial partners.

      The research team’s relations with students

      A large number of students are also involved in the research activities of the research group in the form of student research projects, theses and dissertations. In addition, PhD students are conducting their doctoral research on laser technologies, with the main focus now on laser beam powder bed additive manufacturing. The results of the research carried out by the research group are also being integrated into education.