KJK experts, Máté Zöldy and Márton Virt made a statement on Totalcar about the fuels of the future

Is there life beyond electricity? The intensive electrification of transport is a solution for some areas of mobility, but the current technology will not be able to fully replace petroleum-based energy sources – The collegues of the Innovative Vehicle Technologies research group discussed about the developement of new generation fuels on Totalcar.

New PhD students joined the laser and additive technologies research group

In February this year, a new PHD student joined the laser and additive technologies research group, who researches the possibilities and limitations of AM specific design, as well as its effects on the 3D metal printing process and the properties of the printed part.

Visited Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Prof. Eric Sax: “KIT – and especially ITIV (Institut für Technik der Informationsverarbeitung) – has a long-standing friendly relationship with BME. That’s why we are happy to talk to Professor Zsolt Szalay and his team about current topics, including innovation opportunities in the automotive industry.”


Will we also be able to refuel with banana peels and bottles, like Doc in the final scene of Back to the Future?

According to Dr. Zöldy Máté BME senior scientific associate, really clean energy is what we don’t use. We talked to him and Krisztián Kun, head of the Vehicle Technology Research Group at János Neumann University, about the future of driving. For example, a third of the car’s value is the battery, which has a shorter lifespan than the car. Therefore, more are needed throughout the entire life cycle. Maybe electric cars are not the future yet? Many questions were answered in the conversation.

Representatives of the Korea Automotive Technology Institute visited KJK

In light of the possibility of a future cooperation, the Department of Automotive Technology of the BME was delighted to welcome high-ranking representatives of the “Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH)” and the “Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy” in December. During the meeting, the topics in which both sides see perspective and innovative opportunities for cooperation were outlined, especially with regard to the problems arising in connection with highly automated vehicle systems. The negotiations continue, we await the developments with great interest.