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Making scientific work comprehensible to the public is always a big challenge for researchers. In connection with the opening of the Competence Center, our joint vehicle development project with Mouldtech and Robert Bosch Kft. is presented in an understandable way:


The Department of Automotive Technologies hosted young schoolchildren in the framework of the Children’s University programmes

The Csonka János Hall, the laboratory of the Department of Automotive Technologies, was buzzing with horns and children’s noise for a few days, hosting nearly 150 primary school children.  Dr Zsolt Szalay, Associate Professor, gave a presentation on self-driving cars to the program participants.

In the framework of the Children’s University programme organised by BME between 10-14 July, our department also hosted children interested in engineering, who may become the engineers of the future. Dávid Tollner, a PhD student from our department, gave a seminar for the children and also acted as the youngsters’ host. In total, 5 groups of 20-30 children arrived and were shown the interior of the cars and the lower structure of a lifted car, an electronically controlled vehicle, which gave a glimpse into the future of self-driving cars, and the opportunity to experience an electric car as a passenger. Acceleration power measurement was also demonstrated on the performance bench of the Competence Centre for Innovative Vehicle Technologies, and other transport equipment owned by the department was also available for experimentation.

In his presentation at the Children’s University programme, Dr Zsolt Szalay talked about the conditions under which smart cars can operate, the functions they will be able to perform, and why it is important to test and inspect these vehicles very carefully before releasing them on the road. He began his presentation by saying: „It is a huge responsibility to talk about the technology of the future in a way that is understandable and motivating for the generation of the future. It is my undisguised aim to infect some of you with this subject, so that we will see you as vehicle engineers or any other engineers in the halls of our University.”

Another successful final exam with the participation of industrial partners in the examination board at the BME Department of Automotive Technologies

On our exam day on 11 July, three undergraduate and four masters students – including one foreign student – passed their final exams. The five-member examination committee, chaired by Dr. Zsolt Szalay, Associate Professor and four senior managers from the department’s industrial partners, had the opportunity to listen to the graduating students, who gave a 10-minute presentation on the results of their research for their thesis. The examination committee included Zsolt Pesze, Managing Director and Sándor Geszti, Local Stream Manager of the Industrial Services Business Unit at TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft., Tibor Turóczi, Connectivity Product Owner of Jaguar Land Rover Hungary Kft. and Gábor Molnár, founder-owner and Managing Director of MouldTech Systems Kft.

Tibor Turóczi, Connectivity Product Owner of Jaguar Land Rover Hungary, said at the end of the exam, “It was a very positive surprise to see the students’ brave choice of topics, the high quality of their presentations and the preparation behind them. I would like to welcome at least half of the students I met today to the company, because I am impressed by how prepared and open-minded they are.”

Sándor Geszti, Local Stream Manager of the Industrial Services Business Unit at TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft. added: “The seriousness and professional content of the presentations required 100% deep attention, so the questions asked came naturally. Students were visibly engaged in the chosen task and the research topics were interesting. It was an exciting experience to participate in this important event.”

Gábor Molnár, owner of MouldTech Systems said, “We have had a stable, reliable cooperation with the Department of Automotive Technologies for years, which creates great value for us. We have cooperated in several R&D projects. I am particularly pleased that today’s final exam included two diploma projects related to MouldTech research, such as the E-Tipo 184 design.

Zsolt Pesze, Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft. in his closing speech after the exam, set a sign of the way forward for the newly qualified vehicle engineers: ‘We can now be sure that you have a solid knowledge base, which will be complemented by experience and maturity in the coming years. But what will distinguish you from others? Your personality, your flexibility, your attitude to your partners and how you represent yourself and your company.” He concludes, “Based on my personal experience, I would advise you to keep expanding your knowledge, to participate in university research projects as much as possible, for example through a PhD.”

Zsolt Szalay, Associate Professor, congratulated the students on their achievements and wished them a successful professional career. He thanked the committee for their work and concluded his remarks: “It is a great honour and pride for me that the final examination of our department was attended by renowned industrial partners who are at the forefront of innovation, and that their prominent leaders raised the prestige of the event with their personal presence.”

FISITA TMCE 23 Conference

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The 12th EuroBrake 2023 is taking pla ce during 12-14 September 2023 at the International Barcelona Convention Centre, Spain.

EuroBrake is the world’s largest annual brake technology conference. EuroBrake will see contributors and attendees gather from the major brake industry stakeholders, including passenger car and commercial vehicle component suppliers and manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and leading brands in rail, aerospace, and academia.

The event will deliver technical sessions to hundreds of delegates, with high profile keynote speakers and roundtable discussions throughout the week, as well as provide business engagement opportunity within an exhibition featuring the leading mobility systems brands.

The conference will deliver 130 technical papers, within 23 technical sessions and 3 panel sessions and a significant exhibition, delivering an excellent knowledge share, professional networking and B2B engagement opportunity throughout the three days of EuroBrake 2023.


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Keynote Speakers Include:

*Dr. Marko Weirich, Senior Manager CAE Functions & Analytics, Daimler Truck AG

*Pierre Garnier, Senior Manager Brakes Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

*Tomasz Gonet, Component Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

*Roy Link, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Co-owner, Link Engineering Co.


Ps. Interested in finding out more about FISITA’s Working Group Forums & Strategy Sessions taking place at TMCE?  Throughout the three-days FISITA will be hosting the inaugural FISITA Working Group Forums and FISITA Climate Change Sessions.  Join the FISITA team in the Knowledge Lounge!


*Carbon Neutral Mobility Working Group          Tuesday 12th September                 10:00 – 12:00

*Digitalisation Working Group                              Tuesday 12th September                 15:15 – 17:15

*Industry Disruption Working Group                   Wednesday 13th September           15:15 – 17:15

*Intelligent Safety Working Group                       Thursday 14th September                 10:00 – 12:00

*Next Generation Mobility Working Group        Thursday 14th September                15:15 – 17:15


Enquiries: www.fisita.com or contact the FISITA team: Daniele Ventriglia, FISITA Technical Manager,


Book your delegate ticket today & receive 20% discount! Apply TMCEsmE23

View the registration page to access all delegate package options here

Find out more about FISITA’s event programme www.fisita.com/eurobrake


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