European Defense Innovation Scheme (EUDIS) Hackathon calls for innovative solutions to enhance Europe’s security

In a bid to bolster Europe’s defense and security, Design Terminal has announced the EUDIS Hackathon. This initiative is part of the European Defence Fund and aims to revitalize the industry with innovative solutions. Targeting entrepreneurial-minded youth, the hackathon seeks solutions to three pre-defined challenges.

The hybrid-format hackathon will focus on digital and data-driven solutions to strengthen Europe’s defense capabilities. Participating teams are tasked with developing innovative proposals to address one of three predetermined challenges: maritime infrastructure protection, development of combat support systems, and cybersecurity.

If you have novel ideas or are eager to work out solutions to the industry’s challenges, seize the opportunity to participate in the EUDIS Hackathon scheduled for June 1st-2nd. Engage in a national-level competition and win a spot in the EU-level finals!

Why Apply?

  • Participation in workshops to build business skills
  • The winning team advances to an EU-level pitch competition
  • Access to valuable networking opportunities with mentors and key industry players
  • Chance to win a cash prize of 500,000 HUF

The deadline for applications is May 19th. For further information, visit