KATECH (Korea Automotive Technology Institute) employees were welcomed by BME Automated Drive Lab researchers

Daesung Kim and Young Ho, engineers from the Korea Institute of Automotive Technology, visited the Department of Automotive Technologies of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineeringg on October 27 to learn about the work of the Automated Drive Lab which was founded for the development and research of self-driving vehicles.

During the meeting, the members of the research group presented their results, future research directions, and also talked about the role of the RECAR Autonomous Vehicle Research Center, the topics of research and education are covered.

During the discussion with the Korean guests, the challenges of introducing automated systems to public roads, the importance of partnerships with global car manufacturers, and the development and testing of components for self-driving vehicles were also discussed. In addition to the professional challenges, the university researchers also discussed the business opportunities of introducing the developments to the market with the staff of KATECH.

The guests of the Automated Drive Lab expressed their appreciation for the research group’s work, achievements and educational programs for experts in the field.