The Tipo EV conquered in front of half a million audience

Visitors to the IAA International Motor Show were impressed by the brilliant engineering combination of classic design and cutting-edge technology.

The IAA MOBILITY 2023 international automotive exhibition took place in Munich from 5-10 September, showcasing more than 300 industry innovations and attracting over half a million visitors. At the invitation of HIPA, a racing car jointly developed by Mouldtech Ltd., Robert Bosch Ltd. and the BME Competence Centre for Innovative Vehicle Technologies – electric, but at the same time reminiscent of the 1950s – was also on display. To improve the vehicle’s electric powertrain, the chassis, the drive system and the body were redesigned through the coordinated efforts of the partners. Hundreds of visitors stopped and took photos every day to admire the results of this value-creating Hungarian engineering achievement. Many of them asked how to get their own vehicle like this. The good news is that the factory in Zalaegerszeg is ready to produce not only electric but also petrol models.

Prof. Máté Zöldy, Head of the Competence Centre for Innovative Vehicle Technologies at the Department of Automotive Technologies of BME, said, “I am proud that the work of my colleagues and our students and the cooperation with our partners has resulted in one of Hungary’s flagship projects at the International Motor Show. Sharp industrial projects accelerate the transfer of knowledge between the university and partners, which helps us to become even better!” The completed vehicle is not only a marketable product, but also serves the teaching and research activities at the university.