It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers – Tech.AD Europe 2024

At Tech.AD Europe 2024, this quote from 2010 by Eric Emerson Schmidt, former CEO of Google, was put at the centre of the communication, reflecting the relationship between computing and the automotive industry today. The event took place in Berlin from 10-12 March this year.

At the event, which gathers the cream of the industry involved in the development and production of self-driving cars – where participants can discuss where technology and the market are heading – our department’s Vehicle Dynamics and -and Control research group also participated. The conference was attended by major automotive manufacturers such as Mercedes, GM and Ford, automotive suppliers such as ZF and Continental, software companies such as DXC, Hexagon and Waymo, and start-ups.

On behalf of the research team, Ádám Bárdos, Ph.D., Group Leader and Managing Director of iMotionDrive Kft. and Ádám Domina, PhD student, participated.  An important task was to develop the business network of the new university spinoff company iMotionDrive and to assess the current market demand and supply situation. At the same time, they aimed to raise awareness of iMotionDrive and identify specific customers and business opportunities.

Dr. Ádám Bárdos after the event concluded: “For a researcher, it is always exciting to hear about cutting-edge technologies and to meet their representatives and industry players in a more concentrated way. And from iMotionDrive’s point of view, our presence was absolutely useful and purposeful, as the new company develops automatic accident avoidance systems for the automotive industry, providing automatic decision-making, motion planning and motion control in critical accident situations.”