New Safety Features Successfully Tested – Video!

During the successful demonstration, we presented the features of a central system that models and interprets the environment in real time, a trajectory planner and a collision avoidance safety feature.

The central system transmits the avoidance maneuver data or even intervention signals to the vehicle via radio link, guiding the vehicle along the collision avoidance trajectory. Such a system also offers the possibility to automatically test various driver assistance systems and to control vehicles cooperatively. The demonstration was carried out by research and development engineers from BME and VirtualVehicle.

In the first demonstration, the goal was to avoid a collision with a virtual pedestrian, while in the second demonstration the vehicle had to avoid a physical test dummy.

Both demonstrations were successful.


A demonstráció a “Központi rendszer az automatizált járművek tesztelésének és működésének támogatásához” című EUREKA projekt (2020-1.2.3-EUREKA-2021-00001) keretében valósult meg.