Young talents visit the BME Department of Automotive Technologies!

We warmly welcomed an initiative from the mother of a student at Fáy András Technical School. She sought a meaningful professional program for 30 students involved in automotive mechatronics technician program, leading her to reach out to the Department of Automotive Technology at BME.

For the 10th-grade class of the school, we organized a two-hour program. Associate professor Zsolt Szalay, PhD, the department head, provided an engaging insight into the key scientific areas of automotive engineering studies, ongoing research, and discussed major industry collaborations. During the visit, students had the chance to explore intriguing topics like whether a car can be hacked or the current research trends in autonomous vehicles and environmental perception. Later, they were divided into smaller groups to discover our vehicle hall’s equipment.

Ildikó Teigler, the organizing parent, expressed, “We were thrilled with the positive feedback. Upon visiting the department’s website and seeing they hosted primary school students during the Children’s University in the summer, I thought a similar program might interest high schoolers and guide better students toward an engineering career. It was interesting to see the exciting opportunities the department offers for high school students, and we hope it can inspire future engineers.”

Following the program, Zsolt Szalay shared his thoughts, “I was delighted by the initiative, especially that a parent organized this for the class. It was fantastic to witness the students’ enthusiasm! Our university and department consider building connections with interested, talented students crucial. That’s one reason why we organize the Children’s University. I’m glad we could put together an engaging program for the 10th-grade students.”

The Department of Automotive Technology at BME remains committed to fostering relationships with young talents and supporting students interested in the field.